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Health Tips for Men

Top Tips to Take Charge of Your Health During Men’s Health Week


We are recognizing Men’s Health Week with some healthy tips to keep your body in tip-top shape. Check out our top five recommended healthy habits to take charge of your health.

1. Catch Some Zzz’s

Life is hectic. Between work or school, home life and obligations, sometimes it seems like there’s not enough hours in the day! For many men, the only way to accomplish everything is to give up some precious hours of sleep and grind through the night. While this may allow for more productivity, in the long run, lack of sleep can cause severe health issues making you prone to conditions such as diabetes, obesity and even sexual dysfunction. That’s right…the majority of a man’s testosterone is produced while they sleep.

So, to keep things running smoothly, make sure to get a solid 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

2. Get Fit, Stay Healthy

Having a fitness routine is encouraged for anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle. The problem many men run into is focusing on the wrong aspects of fitness. Muscle is great, who doesn’t want to be buff? The issue is when the focus shifts from healthy, well-balanced training to routines that become strenuous and taxing on the body. Instead of focusing on one specific body part, remember to work your body as a whole. Yes, that includes cardio! By keeping your entire body conditioned you reduce the risk of gym-related injuries and can add years to your life.

3. Put Down the Bacon

Ok... maybe not all the bacon, but everything in moderation! A healthy diet consists of healthy fats with Omega-3’s, nutrient rich foods high in antioxidants and whole grains. Treating yourself from time to time is 100% acceptable, but keep an eye out for repeat habits. Eating tons of red meat and fatty foods can put you at risk for heart disease among other serious health conditions. Try to keep a balanced diet of protein, good carbohydrates and lots of fruits and veggies.

A good rule of thumb for dieting is to remember nutrients over calories. Counting calories only goes so far if those calories consist of all processed sugars and alcohol. Speaking of alcohol, try to limit your intake. If you’re a regular drinker, try to keep it to a few on the weekends. Again, everything in moderation!

4. Mental Health Check

Men’s mental health often flies under the radar. For years, mental health in men has been a taboo subject, but times are changing and Men’s Health Week is the perfect time to refocus on mental health. Mental health is just as important as your physical health and shouldn’t be ignored. Men are less likely to receive mental health treatment than women but are also more likely to die by suicide. Don’t ignore the signs that something may be wrong. If you find yourself feeling especially irritable, notice changes in mood, energy levels or appetite, have difficulty sleeping or begin abusing alcohol or drugs, don’t be ashamed to get help.

A healthy YOU consists of both mind and body. If you or someone you know needs immediate help, click here for free government resources.

5. Schedule Regular Checkups

Many men avoid scheduling regular checkups in fear of the latex glove. While prostate health is a huge part of keeping you healthy, regular checkups also consist of bloodwork that can identify risks for conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and many cancers. Testosterone and prostate health are especially important, so while it may not be pleasant, don’t put off getting checked out. Early diagnosis can be the key to addressing many treatable diseases.

Work full-time and don’t know when to go? Try scheduling on your lunch hour or see if there are any early morning appointments available. Life is busy, but it’s never too busy to forego your health!

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