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Man and woman doing sit-up exercises to fight diabetes

Lowering Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

With over 34 million people affected, diabetes is not a novel disease. Instead it’s one of the most common diseases in the United States.

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Woman flexing muscle after meeting with physician
Health Tips

Protect Yourself This Cold and Flu Season

The fall and winter months are filled with fun activities, holidays and often a welcomed shift in the weather. However, with that shift in weather comes the dreaded cold and flu season. Don’t find yourself down for the count with the flu this year; and if you do, trust Inside Rx to get you up and running again.

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Man laying on couch and having discussion with therapist
Health Tips

Tips for Coping with Anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their lives. After all, it’s your body’s natural way to alert you of potential threats. While feelings of anxiety can be mild, they could grow into a greater burden on your mental health, if left unchecked.

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Three people determined to fight diabetes

The Importance of Diabetes Medication

More than 50% of Americans with diabetes are prescribed an oral medication. While you may feel better after taking your diabetes medication, that doesn’t mean you should stop taking it.

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Woman watching dogs by fence

Dealing With Your Dog’s Arthritis

It can be stressful and disheartening to see your furry buddy with arthritis. Arthritis is not only a common ailment in humans, but it’s also quite common in dogs. In fact, osteoarthritis (OA) affects almost 25% of dogs as a chronic disease.

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Doctor and nurse looking at picture of a heart
Heart Disease

The Lowdown on How to Prevent Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the most common causes of death across all genders and ethnic groups in the United States. In fact, approximately 647,000 Americans die from heart-related problems every year.

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Patient having call with physician
Health Tips

Online Doctor Visits: What to Know

In a year defined by COVID-19, staying healthy is more important than ever. But how can you keep on top of your health without the risk of visiting your doctor’s office? During these unprecedented times, utilizing online doctor visits can provide a safer alternative to traditional office visits.

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Man and woman piecing together cost savings
Prescription Savings

Generic vs. Brand Medications: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to prescription medications, you have choices. Whether you’re looking to have your prescriptions delivered to your home, picking up at the pharmacy, looking for 30 or 60 day supplies or choosing between brand name and generic medications, Inside Rx is here to help.

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Veternarian performing a check up on a dog

The Cost of Owning a Dog: By the Numbers

While you’re probably excited at the thought of welcoming a new addition to your family, you may want to understand the true costs of owning a dog.

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Woman receiving prescription delivery by drone to home
Home Delivery

Home Delivery for Prescription Medications

Home delivery of prescription medications is a safe and reliable option to ensure you and your family receive the medications you need, without putting yourself at risk.

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