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Fireworks and Your Pets: How to Help


How can you enjoy one of America’s favorite pastimes without frightening your furry friends or breaking the bank?

Oooooo, ahhhhhh! One of our favorite ways to celebrate summertime is with beautiful, colorful displays of fireworks. While many adults and children enjoy watching the fantastic light shows, many pets are hiding at home waiting for the fireworks show to be over. It is estimated that 49% of dogs have a significant fear response to firework noise, otherwise referred to as noise phobia.

Many animal shelters around the country claim the summer as their busiest time of the year with an abundance of lost animals who have fled their homes from the startling sound of fireworks and firecrackers. The loud noises can cause pets to panic and have severe anxiety. This can be shown with a variety of symptoms including: excessive barking, pacing, restlessness, panting and more.

Pet parents typically try all sorts of things to try to help their pet with this anxiety. Simple things like closing the curtains and windows or turning on the television or a distracting noise can help calm some pets. Others will try anything, from expensive noise-canceling headphones to trendy weighted clothing for pets, but even that might not be enough. It can also get pricey to pay for prescription medications for pet anxiety, such as SSRI’s (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) like fluoxetine hydrochloride or antidepressants. However, if your pet is prescribed medications like this, Inside Rx may be able to help throw you a bone.

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