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Potassium Chloride

Potassium Chloride In Water
Potassium Chloride In Water
Vitamins And Minerals

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Similar Drugs

Brand Name Examples Supplied As Strength
Potassium Chloride-Water Syringe 10 Meq/5Ml
Intravenous Solution Piggyback 20Meq/0.1L
K-Tab Er Tablet ER 10 Meq20 Meq
Generic Examples Supplied As Strength
Potassium Chloride Intravenous Solution Piggyback 10Meq/50Ml20Meq/50Ml30Meq/0.1L10Meq/0.1L40Meq/0.1L20Meq/0.1L
Capsule ER 10 Meq8 Meq
Tablet ER 10 Meq20 Meq8 Meq
Tablet ER Particles/Crystals 20 Meq10 Meq15 Meq
Packet 20 Meq
Vial 2 Meq/Ml
Liquid 40Meq/15Ml20Meq/15Ml
Intravenous Solution 2 Meq/Ml
Klor-Con Packet 20 Meq
Klor-Con 10 Tablet ER 10 Meq
Klor-Con 8 Tablet ER 8 Meq
Klor-Con M10 Tablet ER Particles/Crystals 10 Meq
Klor-Con M15 Tablet ER Particles/Crystals 15 Meq
Klor-Con M20 Tablet ER Particles/Crystals 20 Meq