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Facing unemployment and a loss of benefits? Use the Parachute Rx savings card.

Parachute Rx Savings Card

Parachute Rx makes prescription medications affordable if you are uninsured.

Inside Rx partnered with Express Scripts to help you and your loved ones when you need it most, with deep discounts on thousands of generic and brand-name drugs. Whether you were an Express Scripts member in the past or you're new to us, we can help.

How it Works

Deep Savings

Deeply Discounted Medications

We negotiated special prices for the most commonly prescribed drugs, both generic and brand-name.

Savings on Brand and Generic Medications

Generic and Brand Medications

Generic medications $25 or less for a one month supply

Select brand medications $75 or less for a one month supply

Available for Pick up

Available for Pick Up

Get your medication at more than 50,000 participating pharmacies and keep up your healthy routines.

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