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Generic of Clinpro 5000, Fluoridex Daily Defense, Fluorimax 5000, Justright 5000, Prevident, Prevident 5000 Ortho Defense, Prevident Kids

What is Sf used for?

This medication is used to prevent cavities. It makes teeth stronger and more resistant to decay caused by acid and bacteria.


Fluoride (Sodium) (SOE-dee-um FLOOR-ide)


Throat/Mouth Conditions

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Sf Frequently Asked Questions

Use this medication as directed by your doctor/dentist, usually once daily just before bedtime.

First brush your teeth thoroughly with toothpaste, and rinse as usual. Then apply a thin ribbon of this medication to your teeth with a toothbrush or mouth tray. Leave the medication on for at least 1 minute.

Spit out the medication after use. Do not swallow. Children should rinse their mouth thoroughly right away. For adults, do not rinse your mouth, eat, or drink for at least 30 minutes after use to get the best results.

Use this medication regularly in order to get the most benefit from it. To help you remember, use it at the same time each day.

IMPORTANT: HOW TO USE THIS INFORMATION: This is a summary and does NOT have all possible information about this product. This information does not assure that this product is safe, effective, or appropriate for you. This information is not individual medical advice and does not substitute for the advice of your health care professional. Always ask your health care professional for complete information about this product and your specific health needs.

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