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Eltrombopag Olamine

What is Promacta used for?

This medication is used to treat low platelet levels in people who have a certain blood disorder called chronic immune (idiopathic) thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP) or who have chronic hepatitis C. It may also be used to treat people with a certain blood disorder (aplastic anemia). Platelets are a type of blood cell needed to form blood clots and prevent bleeding. Eltrombopag decreases your risk of bleeding by increasing the number of platelets. Eltrombopag acts like a certain natural substance (thrombopoietin) that causes the body to produce platelets.


Eltrombopag Olamine


Blood Cell Deficiency
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Promacta Frequently Asked Questions

Eltrombopag may rarely cause severe (possibly fatal) liver problems. People with a certain liver problem (chronic hepatitis C) who are taking this medication with ribavirin and interferon may sometimes experience worsening of their liver problem. To help decrease the risk of liver problems, your doctor will order lab tests (liver function tests) before you start eltrombopag and while you are taking it. Keep all medical and lab appointments. Get medical help right away if you develop new or worsening symptoms of liver problems (such as nausea/vomiting that doesn't stop, loss of appetite, stomach/abdominal pain, stomach/abdominal swelling, dark urine, yellowing eyes/skin, mental/mood changes). Talk with your doctor about the risks and benefits of this medication.

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Promacta Dosage and Form Information

Powder In Packet
25 Mg
12.5 Mg
50 Mg
25 Mg
12.5 Mg
75 Mg