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Nalmefene Hcl

What is Opvee used for?

Nalmefene is used for the emergency treatment of known or suspected opioid overdose. Serious opioid overdose symptoms may include unusual sleepiness, unusual difficulty waking up, or breathing problems (ranging from slow/shallow breathing to no breathing). Other symptoms of overdose may include very small "pinpoint" pupils, slow heartbeat, or low blood pressure. If someone has serious overdose symptoms but you are not sure if the symptoms are due to opioid overdose, give nalmefene right away anyway, since lasting slow/shallow breathing may cause permanent damage to the brain or death. Since symptoms of opioid overdose may return after treatment, be sure to get medical help right away after giving the first dose of nalmefene. This medication belongs to a class of drugs known as opioid antagonists. It works by blocking the effects of the opioid in the brain.


Nalmefene Hcl


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Opvee Dosage and Form Information

Spray Non-Aerosol
2.7 Mg