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What is Crysvita used for?

This medication is used to treat low phosphate levels caused by a certain rare genetic problem (X-linked hypophosphatemia) or by a tumor (tumor-induced osteomalacia). It helps by reducing a hormone in your blood (fibroblast growth factor 23) which increases phosphate levels in your body. Normal phosphate levels are important for the growth and strength of bones, teeth, and muscles. Burosumab belongs to a class of drugs known as monoclonal antibodies.




Endocrine Disorders
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What does Crysvita look like?

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Crysvita Frequently Asked Questions

Read the Patient Information Leaflet if available from your pharmacist before you start using burosumab and each time you get an injection. If you have any questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

This medication is given by injection under the skin of the abdomen, buttock, thigh, or upper arm by a health care professional. It is given as directed by your doctor, usually once every 2 to 4 weeks. Your doctor will change the injection site each time to lessen injury under the skin. The dosage is based on your medical condition, weight, lab tests (such as phosphate levels), and response to treatment.

Your doctor will direct you to stop certain medications (such as man-made forms of vitamin D and medications taken by mouth for phosphate levels) 1 week before starting this medication. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for more details. See also Drug Interactions section.

Use this medication regularly to get the most benefit from it. To help you remember, mark the days on a calendar when you need to receive this medication.

IMPORTANT: HOW TO USE THIS INFORMATION: This is a summary and does NOT have all possible information about this product. This information does not assure that this product is safe, effective, or appropriate for you. This information is not individual medical advice and does not substitute for the advice of your health care professional. Always ask your health care professional for complete information about this product and your specific health needs.

Crysvita Dosage and Form Information

10 Mg/Ml
30 Mg/Ml
20 Mg/Ml