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Phenylephrine Hcl-0.9% Nacl

Phenylephrine Hcl In 0.9% Nacl
Phenylephrine Hcl In 0.9% Nacl
Low Blood Pressure

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Generic Examples Supplied As Strength
Phenylephrine Hcl-0.9% Nacl Plastic Bag Injection 100Mg/25010Mg/250Ml50Mg/250Ml25Mg/250Ml80Mg/250Ml
Syringe 5 Mg/50 Ml0.8Mg/10Ml1 Mg/10 Ml0.4Mg/10Ml0.5 Mg/5Ml20 Mg/50Ml
Vial 1 Mg/10 Ml0.8Mg/10Ml
Phenylephrine Hydrochloride Plastic Bag Injection 50Mg/250Ml40Mg/250Ml20Mg/250Ml
Syringe 0.4Mg/10Ml0.5 Mg/5Ml0.8Mg/10Ml1 Mg/10 Ml20 Mg/50Ml
Vial 10 Mg/Ml

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