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Mening Vac A,C,Y,W-135 Dip/Pf
Meningococcal disease is a bacterial infection that can infect the spinal cord and brain and cause meningitis, which can be fatal or lead to permanent and disabling medical problems. Meningococcal disease spreads from person to person through small droplets of saliva expelled into the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The bacteria is usually passed through close contact with an infected person, especially through kissing or sharing a drinking glass or eating utensil. Meningococcal conjugate vaccine is used to prevent infection caused by serogroups A, C, W, and Y. This vaccine helps your body develop immunity to meningitis, but The Like any vaccine, meningococcal conjugate vaccine may not provide protection from disease in every person.
Mening Vac A,C,Y,W-135 Dip/Pf
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You should not receive a booster vaccine if you had a life threatening allergic reaction after the first shot.

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