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This medication is used to treat head and crab (pubic) lice. Lice are tiny insects that lay eggs (nits) on hair shafts. Lice can easily spread to those in close contact with you. Lindane works by killing the lice and nits. An infection with lice is also called an infestation. This drug should not be used to prevent lice infestation or re-infestation.
Lice Treatment


Frequently Asked Questions

This drug should only be used if other, safer medicines (such as permethrin) cannot be used or have not been effective. Do not use lindane to re-treat the same lice infestation after the first lindane treatment does not work.Rarely, lindane has caused seizures (sometimes death) after prolonged or repeated use. Rare (sometimes fatal) nervous system reactions such as seizures may occur, even after correct one-time use of lindane.Lindane should not be used in premature infants or patients with poorly controlled seizures. In addition, lindane should be used with caution in infants, children, older adults, patients with skin conditions (such as skin rash, psoriasis), and patients with low body weight (such as less than 110 pounds or 50 kilograms).Itching may occur after either successful or failed treatments. Avoid re-applying lindane for a few months after use.

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