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Health Tips

Finding Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

Mental health has become a more prevalent topic of conversation in recent years. Many Americans struggle with mental health, often going undiagnosed or untreated. Anxiety and depression are just two of many common mental health disorders that plague our society. Here, we’ve put together a helpful guide for finding treatment for anxiety and depression.

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Health Tips

Treating Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women

Sexual dysfunction is common among men and women. However, treating sexual dysfunction in men and women can vary quite a bit. We’ve put together a resource for treatment options for all.

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Inside Rx Listed as Top Alternative for Prescription Savings

With prices everywhere on the rise, even Amazon has had to increase their subscription price.

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Health Tips

How to Manage Obesity in Adults

The majority of American adults are either overweight or obese. Losing a lot of weight quickly can be difficult for many people, but obesity in adults is best managed by losing weight gradually. Read on to learn more about how to manage obesity in adults.

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Health Tips

What You Need to Know About COVID-19 Testing

Getting tested for COVID-19 is as important as it is common these days. Knowing when and where to get tested is the first step in being prepared. We’ve put together a guide on what to know about COVID-19 testing.

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Women's Health

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women: What to Look For

Every year, about 805,000 people in the United States have a heart attack. While heart attacks are common in both men and women, heart attack symptoms in women can differ from those in men. Read on to learn the female-specific symptoms to look out for.

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Health Tips

Coping with Skin Conditions During the Winter

Winter weather can wreak havoc on many things, including your skin. The arid, cold air can lead to dry, cracked skin. It can make things especially worse if you suffer from preexisting skin conditions. Read on for tips on coping with skin conditions during the winter.

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Man sitting by his desk with cats

How to Deal with Kidney Disease in Cats

Did you know? A common condition that elderly animals experience is kidney disease in cats. Luckily, if your cat is diagnosed with kidney disease, it can be managed quite easily. Read on to learn more about kidney disease in cats and how to treat it.

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Prescription Savings

Online Pharmacies: What to Know & What to Avoid

These days, online or virtual doctors’ appointments have become the reliable, safe and convenient way to see a doctor. So it makes sense that online pharmacies would follow suit. However, it is important to pay close attention before buying medicine or filling prescriptions at online pharmacies. To make things simple, we put together a guide to online pharmacies, including what to look for and what to avoid.

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Health Tips

How to Switch from Brand to Generic Drugs

Most brand-name medications have a generic alternative. These generic alternatives have the same chemical makeup as the brand-name counterparts, but are often offered at a lower cost. If you are looking to save on your prescription costs, or just keep your options open, switching to generic drugs might be a viable option for you. Learn how to switch from brand to generic drugs below.

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