Prescription medication is necessary for a large percentage of the population and many Puerto Ricans have at least one family member with a chronic medical condition. Even if you’re healthy today, infections and illnesses, not to mention accidents — can occur at any time. There are even instances when family pets need medication and the costs of these medications can really add up.

If you have insurance, necessary medications may not be covered, or the copay may be high. For those without healthcare insurance prescription prices can sometimes be unaffordable. In both cases, prescription discount cards are a great solution.

How Prescription Drug Discount Cards Work

Prescription drug discount cards like Inside Rx can allow you to save money on prescriptions and to pay a reduced rate for prescription drugs. Inside Rx negotiates prices directly with drug manufacturers.

Many of the major pharmacy chains in Puerto Rico accept these cards, making it likely that your preferred neighborhood pharmacy participates. Check participating pharmacies that accept the Inside Rx discount card at .

To use the Inside Rx card, eligible users simply download the card, carry it with them (in a physical wallet or their phone’s mobile wallet) and present it to their pharmacist to obtain the discounted rate. You use the same card every time – it’s not a coupon. See more information and use terms here.

See If You Can Save

Common FAQs

• Is there a cost associated with downloading the card?

The Inside Rx card is free to you – it does not come with a fee to use.

• Can the Inside Rx prescription drug discount card be used as insurance?

No. The card is not insurance or associated with any insurance program (government or private). The Inside Rx discount card also cannot be used with insurance.

You’ll want to check on any eligibility requirements before using the card. For example, people covered by federal or state funded benefit plans (i.e., Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare), or those 65+ may are restricted from using the card to purchase specific drugs.

• How much can I save?

On average, Puerto Ricans can expect to save 58% off the pharmacy’s retail price. To determine the best prescription discount card for your needs, try doing a search for a specific drug and dosage and see what comes up. You can do a “price medication” search right on the card provider’s website, or have a participating pharmacist look up your savings for you once you present your prescription discount card.

Whether you look up the price yourself or you ask your pharmacist for assistance, shopping with your prescription discount card may save you money on prescriptions for you and your pets.

Discount Cards & Pet Prescriptions

The best prescription drug card is the one that helps you save on all your family’s prescriptions. Typically, the discount cards offered in Puerto Rico are going to be competitive on the discounts for human prescriptions. However, if you have a sick pet in your household, you’ll be happy to know there’s a special pharmacy discount card just for pets, which can be used to fill human medications commonly prescribed for pets. It works just the same as the one for your other family members and can save you money on treatment for your fur babies.

Save Money on Your Prescriptions

Whenever your doctor (or veterinarian) prescribes medication for a family member or pet, present your prescription discount card at a participating pharmacy and see if you can save up to 60% off the retail cash price.

To see if you can save big on your family’s prescriptions without insurance (or even if you have insurance) – read more here, and download your card(s) now.