Did you lose your benefits due to COVID-19?

Unemployment can strike at any time but COVID-19 is driving unemployment rates up to an all-time high. For many, this could mean a loss of important medical and prescription drug coverage. To help you through this difficult time, we’ve compiled resources that may help you save money on medications for you and your family.

Inside Rx - Saving Resource

Inside Rx is a prescription drug savings program that may be able to help.

The program offers uninsured patients access to thousands of brand name and generic medications at a fraction of the cost with our prescription savings card. Download your exclusive savings card and present it to your pharmacist to save up to 80%* at over 60,000 pharmacies in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, as well as through the Express Scripts Pharmacy® for Inside Rx.

Search for your medication below to see how much you could save while paying out of pocket. When searching for your prescription, try searching the generic name to make sure you’re pricing the lowest option.

Search for your medications

If you are used to paying a co-payment or coinsurance through your medical or prescription drug plan, you were paying for only a portion of your medication and your plan was covering the rest. Without insurance, you will have to pay the full price of your medications and that can get expensive. Discount programs like Inside Rx are not insurance but provide discounts on the average cash price you might pay at the pharmacy. People use prescription drug discount cards to lower their out-of-pocket costs.

To see how much you can save, search for your prescription on Inside Rx, enter your location and be sure to check the quantity and dose to find prices at pharmacies near you. Prices will vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. Be sure to also search the generic name of a drug. For example, the generic name for Lipitor is atorvastatin. You can find the generic name of your medication on your pill bottle.

Download a card, or request one via text or email and bring the card to a participating pharmacy along with your prescription.

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The federal government is allowing states to change their laws to provide unemployment insurance benefits related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Each state’s rules may be different. Contact your state’s unemployment insurance program to learn about and apply for unemployment insurance.

For information on unemployment assistance in your area, visit https://www.usa.gov/unemployment.

While we are not able to assist with medical care, your employer may offer temporary continued health care coverage through COBRA. Click here to learn more about COBRA.

There are many resources and programs available to help people living with various conditions save on prescriptions without insurance. For more information please visit our Resources Page.

Yes! Along with helping you save on your prescription medications, Inside Rx can save you up to 75%* on brand and generic pet medications filled at your local pharmacy. Discounts are available for human crossover medications only---this means medications that are also used by people but that are often prescribed for pets. We understand pets are family too and need to be taken care of during this challenging time for you and your family. You can search your pet’s medication prices below – just be sure to download the Inside Rx Pets savings card (separate from your personal card).

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The Inside Rx card can be used at many pharmacies that may provide delivery. Whether you prefer not to go to the pharmacy due to the social distancing guidelines or are unable to leave due to medical restrictions, in many cases, you may be able to receive the medication you need without leaving the comfort of your home. Many retail pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens may be offering delivery to your home. Contact your local pharmacy to see if they deliver. You should also consider ordering online. Just select the "Express Scripts Pharmacy for Inside Rx*" when you search for your medication. Mail-order medications may sometimes be less expensive, just another reason to utilize the home-delivery option.

Ask your retail pharmacist if you can use Inside Rx for refills on your medications. If you are using home delivery, you may have to ask your physician for a new prescription. If you’d like to use the Express Scripts Pharmacy® for Inside Rx, you will have to create a new account for you and your family. Express Scripts will contact your physician to obtain or verify your prescription.