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Find a great deal

Find a great deal

Price a medication to find the best deal and closest pharmacy.

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Get your card

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Enjoy your savings

Enjoy your savings

Just show your card and prescription to the pharmacist.

Save again and again

Save again and again

You can use the same card every trip, for every medication.

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Facing fertility challenges can be hard. Affording your fertility meds shouldn't be.

See if you could get savings from Freedom FP Fertility Pharmacy on Cetrotide®, Gonal-f®, Menopur® and Ovidrel®. To see how much you could save, call the Freedom FP Fertility Pharmacy directly at 855.202.9957.

Pet Pharmacy

Pets are family and need medications too

As a pet parent, it’s your priority to keep them healthy, and now Inside Rx offers savings on certain medications prescribed for your pet.

View pet pricing and pharmacies

Here’s what customers are saying.

"I have been out of medicine for several days and waiting for Friday to purchase more. I was paying over $500 monthly and now through Inside Rx, my medicine will cost only $183. I love your company, please give a shout out to the Inside Rx Team that made this happen."

-Aubrey, California

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